C, C++ Course

Piyush Jain

Like there is a different God in every religion. If Programming were Religion, Patkar Sir you are its GOD!!!. Thank you sir for a great gift. You have taught me to think and visualize the subject.Nothing is difficult to understand with a guide like you.

Thank you sir.

Piyush Jain, BE-Comp Sci, SRIT Jabalpur

Vikas Devnani

99% of the Institutes are just focusing on certifications. I am very fortunate to learn in an institute where imparting knowledge is considered to be much more important. Sir's Teaching methodology is very unique and one that can be very easily understood

Vikas Devnani, Manager Times of India.

Ashwin Bhanushali

Mr. Patkar is a great guy. He changes our attitude towards life. If you want to develop something or create something then you should learn under him. A true educationist. After meeting such a guy you could definitely say "Life is a game Play it"

Ashwin Bhanushali ( B.E. ), Mofirst Solution Pvt Ltd / Android Software Engg.

Gaurav Phadke

All lectures were technically very useful and inspiring. Sir's strategy of teaching is excellent. He breaks down the complex concept into several simple steps and then teaches the whole concept gradually. This makes learning very easy. Thank you very much for all what you have taught us in the lectures. It means a lot to us.

Gaurav Phadke ( B.E. )

Ryan Lopes

The course was excellent. Patkar Sir has a very unique way of teaching. While teaching sir gives some amazing examples which helps us understand concepts very clearly. Because of his teaching , C++ programming seemed easy.

Thank you sir.

Ryan Lopes ( BE 2nd year )

Vishal Agarwal

It was a great pleasure to be Patkar Sir's student. The last lecture on advanced data structures and in-fact all the lectures were very thought provoking and Grey Matter stimulation. I am a working professional with around 8 years of experience in trading stocks. I have joined this course with sole purpose of developing a product. I am really thankful to sir for not only imparting thorough knowledge of the subject but also knowledge outside the subject. Very stimulating and instigating lectures. Sir makes one think or in fact forces one to think on the lines of Proper Problem Solving.

Rating him ***** ( 5 stars)

Vishal Agarwal, Stock Market Trader

Hema Desai

My purpose of joining the C C++ Programming batch was to understand the details of the language, but its pleasure of mine that apart from understanding many aspects of C C++, I have also experienced a lot of moral things. Teaching style of Patkar Sir is very unique and really inspirational. I am sure that in future if I have any query or want some guidance about the subject I will come to sir without hesitation. Thank you very much...

Hema Desai

Rahul Madhani

I was from NON - CS ( EXTC) background & I had got job in TCS. So, I was very much tensed about my job. I was wondering how I’ll be able to manage it. However, before joining TCS, I did C C++ and Core Java course from Rajesh Patkar. That course helped me a lot during my ILP training of TCS . My programming logic is now so nice that I am confident of creating any program. Now, I am planning to make my career in IT field.

“ You can’t get better IT coaching than this”.

Thank you Rajesh sir.

Rahul Madhani, TCS Software Developer